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Anis Heydari reports live from Calgary on January 1, 2021 after a police officer was killed, struck by the vehicle of a driver trying to flee a traffic stop.

A new Calgarian’s musical instrument is back in playing shape, after an incredible journey that started with bullets in Baghdad nearly destroying a cello while saving a cellist’s life.

A Calgary man calls out an website for potentially revealing the death of his father to his mother, who suffers from dementia. Original, exclusive journalism from CBC Calgary’s Anis Heydari.

Anis Heydari works solo as a videojournalist, reporting for all platforms, from the site of a train derailment just hours earlier.

For CBC Radio’s The Cost of Living, Anis Heydari tries out a product from — and finds it’s not quite what he, or his face, expected.

A quick trip to circus school had Anis exposing one of his biggest fears on CBC Radio, CBC Television, and online.

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Dementia patients and their caregivers reconnect through a choir program – ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE STORY

Anis Heydari talked to a lot of women named Nicole for this story.

A trip into a secret nuclear bunker hidden outside the Rocky Mountains.

Social video turnaround within less than an hour after footage comes in from the field.

The RCMP is retiring dogs trained to sniff marijuana as it becomes legal in Canada. An original story shot and reported by Anis Heydari for digital, radio and television.

Story matched by CTV National News a week later. CBC version was aired across local stations including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton through to St. John’s.

Shot, cut, edited and filed completely from the field while working alone.
A CBC News exclusive report on electricity problems for an Essex business.

Anis Heydari hosts a Facebook Live for CBC Calgary at the local comic convention.

Reporting live via Dejero into CBC Calgary News at 6 PM from the Calgary Expo.

Anis Heydari’s reporting for CBC Windsor gets over 275k views on Facebook alone.

Two surviving triplets speak with the CBC’s Anis Heydari about the loss of their sister in an accident that killed four people in Arizona.

Reporting live for CBC News Network on Canada Day in Calgary 2018.

TOV (Text over Video) created for CBC Windsor Facebook / Twitter.

Radio Newsreading from Windsor Morning.
Script written and read by Anis (Rob) Heydari.