Shot, cut, edited and filed completely from the field while working alone.
A CBC News exclusive report on electricity problems for an Essex business.

Reporting via Facebook Live from Windsor’s first-ever 4/20 rally

Reporting live via Dejero into CBC Windsor News at 6 PM.

A video story created for CBC Windsor Online gets over 155,550 views on Facebook alone. Shot, edited, reported and written by Rob Heydari

Breaking news late in the afternoon means you dump the story you are on – and pivot. Fiat Chrysler announces layoffs at 3:15 PM on a Friday. Clips gathered within an hour followed by live reporting at 6.

Reporting live on the first homicide in Windsor for 2017.
Heydari was the only reporter on the scene the night of the shooting and obtained exclusive court details the next day for CBC News.

TOV (Text over Video) created for CBC Windsor Facebook / Twitter

Radio Newsreading from Windsor Morning.
Script written and read by Anis (Rob) Heydari.

A Windsor company gets a “head” by making foldable porta-potties. Shot and edited traditionally.

Looking at winter tires in Windsor after a major snowstorm.
Gathered entirely on iPhone / mobile.
Edited and produced entirely in the field via laptop.

Additional video content Anis (Rob) Heydari has worked on can be found here.